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00000173-d94c-dc06-a17f-ddddb4670000Cuban cuisine has chewed its way into South Florida's culture. Many an abuela has shared family recipes for ropa vieja and bistec empanizado, through generations. WLRN wants a seat at your table to hear your stories of Cuban kitchens.

The Cuban Kitchen: Miami's Chef Alberto Cabrera

Kelley Mitchell

Home to home, kitchen to kitchen, Cuban cooking is about more than the food.

It's about the time spent with family in both preparing the meal and sharing it at the table.

That philosophy has influenced the dishes of Chef Alberto Cabrera in his latest venture located in Coral Gables, Bread + Butter (Pan Con Mantequilla.)

The G. Holmes Braddock High School graduate and Miami native is a self-taught chef. He's worked under the tutelage of chef Robbin Haas, at the now closed Baleen, located in the Grove Isle Resort as well as in kitchens in Europe and Chicago.

But, Cabrera never strays too far from his Cuban roots.

"For me, specifically, it was as a kid coming to my grandmother's house whether it be after school or after work, you know, in my later years, and just sitting down and being able to enjoy a meal that was cooked for as if you were a king," recalls Cabrera.

The one dish that puts him immediately back at his grandmother's table and in his his father's kitchen? Palomilla steak with rice and beans.

This post is part of our Cuban Kitchen project. What are your favorite memories of being in, around, or inspired by a Cuban kitchen? Tell us what made them special click here. Or share your stories with us on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #CubanKitchen.