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Listen To An Adorable Little Girl Complain About Mayor Rob Ford... And Spiders

Wikimedia Commons

Here, in order of priority, is what really gets the goat of one little girl from Toronto:

1. Spiders, for their webs are icky and sticky.

2. Toronto mayor Rob Ford. He is, according this little Torontonian, "not doing the job that he's supposed to."

Her full grievance is posted below. The second voice is her mother's.

On spiders and Rob Ford by WLRN

This audio was recorded as part of WLRN's pop-up complaints booth at The Wolfsonian-FIU's first annual Power of Design Festival, centered this year around the theme of "complaints."

“We kindly ask that you cease to be pleasant,” read the first instruction inside the sound-resistant booth. If even for a moment, we wanted to give people permission to be dissatisfied.

Dozens of people griped, whined and bellyached into the booth's microphone. The result was a wonderful range of gripes, everything from, "I'm having some back pain... and it could be better" to "I effing hate how parents these days just stick their kids in front of an iPad and substitute that for good parenting" to "if I could change one thing about Miami, it would be to free the orca from the Miami Seaquarium."

But spiders and Rob Ford? I will eat my hat if someone can produce a cuter one minute and seven seconds of complaining.