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A Twitter Response To That New York Times Essay About Miami, From Scott Cunningham


This weekend, the New York Times published an essay by Pamela Druckerman, a former Miamian, that was part jab at the "vapid" city where she grew up, and part backhanded appreciation of Miami's cultural developments since the 1970s.

Druckerman is now a Parisian. Her piece -- titled "Miami Grows Up. A Little" -- included statements like "And while there are some thinkers scattered around town, Miami is overrun with lawyers, jewelry designers and personal trainers, all trying to sell services to one another." And there other belittling comments about our metropolitan maturation and the industry growth it comes with.

You really oughta read it. To me, it felt filled with disdain for Miami's large immigrant populations -- I'm an immigrant myself -- denoting that "Anglos" make up only 15 percent of Miamians these days. But during her childhood here, when she apparently learned the proper ambition for a girl (as her article's lede points out) was to covet a plastic-surgeon husband, the demographics were much different.

In short, the essay was a passive-aggressive depreciation of Druckerman's hometown. Does it feel like the Times does this to Miami every year?

Anyway, today local poet P. Scott Cunningham, of the WLRN partner O, Miami Poetry Festival, came to the city's defense -- in tweet.