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Want To Catch Some Pokemon? Here Are The Hot Spots In South Florida

Zoo Miami has many different PokeStops

Pokémon Go, the popular smartphone game, is forcing South Florida gamers out of their homes and into the streets to look for imaginary creatures under the blazing sun. 
The popular application uses augmented reality and GPS tracking to make Pokemon creatures "appear" in your surroundings. The type of creatures also vary according to the time of the day. 

Also included in the game are PokéStops, which are special destinations players can visit to collect items. A lot of them are located in popular landmarks like parks, downtown areas, universities and zoos. 
Doral resident Sebastian Pineda catches his Pokémon at the Trump National Doral Miami. 

Screenshot at Trump National Doral Miami.

“It’s four different golf courses so there’s a bunch of acres to keep walking around and finding Pokémon,”  said Pineda. 

Brandon Bilodeau lives in Lauderhill, he goes to a nearby stop called TATE'S Gaming Satellite. 
“I went there last night and there was like maybe like 10 to 15 other people just waking up and down the plaza collecting," said Bilodeau. 
WLRN asked it's listeners online to to mention some of their favorite places to catch Pokémon, watch the video below to hear some of hotspot destinations. 
Some responses included the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, the Palm Beach Zoo as well as Zoo Miami, Biscayne Boulevard, Bayfront Park and the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier. 

Happy Hunting! 

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