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Who Says There's No Money For Artists? The Knight Arts Challenge Is Listening (And Willing To Give)



I say this extremely lovingly -- artists aren’t always the first people to think about asking for money. But if you’re an artist in South Florida and you have a project in mind, the Knight Foundation wants you to ask. The Knight Arts Challenge is taking pitches through April 28, and all they’re asking for in this first step is 150 words about what you want to do with the money. That’s basically one paragraph. The length of this paragraph. Finalists will have to submit a complete proposal. To hear about how to make your pitch stand out, listen above to a conversation with Victoria Rogers, Knight Foundation Vice President for Arts. Below is another 150 words. Filmmaker Jonathan David Kane generously shared his own initial pitch. It worked out pretty well. His project won $80,000. It'll premiere in the dome of the new Frost Museum of Science next year.

"On A High Note is a cross-platform exploration of how the human brain interprets music. The project consists of a 360 degree dome film series that integrates the history of music and it’s influence on civilization, the relationship between music and movement and how these artforms communicate human emotion, and live orchestral performances with cinematic visual interpretations triggered by the music. In addition to the dome experience, the project consists of a gallery/museum installation that reads the brainwaves of an individual listening to orchestral music and projects a cinematic and graphical interpretation of those real-time emotional readings into the environment for spectators to observe. The goal of the project is to inspire new generations of classical music audiences with groundbreaking entertainment, while also educating these audiences in musical history, theory, and the science behind human comprehension of music. Potential partners include the Frost Museum of Science and the New World Symphony."

Find out about to how to apply for the 2017 Knight Arts Challenge here

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Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Jonathan David Kane's film project would premiere during the opening of the Frost Museum of Science next month. The premiere has been postponed to 2018.  

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