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Broward District Uses Augmented Reality — And A Hip Hop Star — To Celebrate Graduates

Broward Education Foundation Facebook
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduating senior Andrea Pena poses with a hologram of hip hop star Flo Rida as part of new augmented reality campaign celebrating the class of 2020.

South Florida school districts have launched a social media blitz to celebrate seniors who are missing out on traditional graduations because of COVID-19.

The latest from Broward County Public Schools: augmented reality.

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Seniors can now use a smartphone app to create a video that appears to show Superintendent Robert Runcie handing them their diplomas.

In an example video posted on the Broward Education Foundation’s Facebook page, a hologram of Runcie extends a diploma holder to Nova High School graduate Nick-Richard Pericles, who is decked out in a green cap and gown.

“I am able to present you with this diploma through the magic of augmented reality. Isn’t this stuff mind-blowing?” says the three-dimensional image of Runcie. “So look out, world! Broward’s class of 2020 has arrived.”

And if the superintendent isn’t exciting enough, how about a hip hop star?

“Hey it’s your man Flo Rida, giving a big shout out to the 9-5-4,” an image of the South Florida recording artist says in a different video.

“Just letting you know, seniors graduating from Broward public schools are making graduation history.”

The free app is called ImagineAR. Students who post the videos with #2020gradsecret could win a $200 prize.