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Florida Health Care Prices Literally All Over The Map

Castlight Health
Florida's health care costs vary widely.

Depending on where she goes for health care, a Florida woman could spend anywhere from $32 to $494 for a human papillomavirus screening, according to a new analysis from Castlight Health.

Castlight is one of the latest organizations to map what Americans are paying for health care. The data for the study come from health care claims provided to Castlight from large, self-insured employers.

According to the findings, Florida has some of the most expensive regions for services like mammograms.

“One of the reasons this matters is because there are studies that point toward individuals not getting needed preventive care because of cost issues,” says Kristin Torres Mowat, a vice president of strategic alliances and data operations at Castlight.

At the same time, says Torres Mowat, South Florida has the country’s lowest average cost for a preventive visit to a primary care doctor.

“It’s kind of calling out the fact that in healthcare there is little rhyme or reason,” she says.

She says that the more consumers know about cost the better off everyone is.

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