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Who Is Winning The War On Poverty?

Creative Commons via Flickr

This Jan. 8 marks the 50th anniversary of former President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty, which left a checkered legacy after 1960s policies to combat growing poverty. We thought this marked an appropriate time to take stock of how local communities are doing.

Last November, we asked you to complete our survey and tell us what it means to you to make ends meet in South Florida to kick off a project called How Much Is Enough?

The most recent dialogue about our country's poor was propelled to the national stage in December with dozens of worker walkouts, many recipients of minimum wages. They called for an increase to that minimum and estimated what a livable wage would be.

But we wanted to step back. Before we can get a grasp on what a living wage would be, we were curious about what we think a wage should pay for -- what does "enough" mean? So throughout January, we'll dig into three main aspects of life that came from your responses: housing, transportation and food.

Every week, we'll bring you a radio feature one of those topics, and at the end of the month, we'll share with you our final estimate of what is "enough," determined by our research and what you have told us.

The map below shows the median household income based on the most recent Census data. Check out the incredible range on Miami Beach: from $13,000 to $203,000. Also interesting to note is the jump from an income of $78,000 to just under $12,000 across 74th Street in Doral/Miami Gardens.

Play around with it and tell us what you see. Do you fall below or above the median income in your area?

Use the hashtag #HowMuchIsEnough to continue a dialog on Twitter or Instagram.

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