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What's Your Favorite Library Moment?

Your first library card. Finding your favorite book in the young adult section. The free museum passes. 

Whatever the reason, WLRN would like to hear why you go to the library and about one of the best moments you've ever had at a public library.

For Miami-Dade County library assistant Juan Espinosa, it was during the 90s. He was going through a rough time. 

"It became difficult to be in my apartment all the time. I couldn't find work. And I would go hang out at the Fairlawn branch. And the people there were so receptive and so accommodating not because they knew me from before — I was a new face — but they sort of took me in and I think they could tell that I was just floating around there. And for about a year and a half, that really helped me. It sort of helped me center myself and eventually I came out of that dark spot."

For Maddie Penn, it was the internet. She wrote us on Facebook:

"I was in elementary school and the internet was still a foreign concept, and not as ubiquitous as now. But at the Coral Gables library anyone could use a computer and explore this new phenomenon."

What's your favorite library memory? Text 'library' to 786-786-7826 to tell us your story or fill out the form below.  

Katie Lepri Cohen is WLRN's engagement editor. Her work involves distributing and amplifying WLRN's journalism on social media, managing WLRN's social accounts, writing and editing newsletters, and leading audience-listening efforts. Reach out via email at klcohen@wlrnnews.org.
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