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New school-based COVID testing could put dent in soaring student absences

A nurse tests a student for COVID-19.
Jon Cherry
Getty Images

Palm Beach County school leaders hope to put a dent in skyrocketing student and staff absenteeism by offering daily COVID testing at school for those who have been exposed.

The countywide rollout of what they are calling "Test to Know" began this month but has been slow, with approximately a third of the district's roughly 180 schools online so far, said Keith Oswald, chief of equity and wellness who heads the district's COVID protocols.

The program offers free testing for up to five school days to anyone, staff or students, who may have been exposed to someone sick with COVID-19. Test negative? Head to class. Test positive? Go home.

Read more from our news partner at The Palm Beach Post.

Sonja Isger
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