Matching Gifts

Many companies match their employees' charitable contributions. If yours is among them, you can easily increase the impact of your gift - in some cases by as much as 100% or more!

It all starts with YOU. To initiate the matching process, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Contact your employee benefits office and request a matching gift form.
  2. Complete the employee section of the form and send it to us.
  3. Sit back and watch your support grow!

Frequently asked questions

What is a matching gift?

Many companies set aside special funds each year to match charitable contributions their employees make to qualified nonprofit organizations. The amount of the match is a matter of company policy, but it varies from 50 cents per dollar, up to $1 and in some cases double. It may also vary from year to year. 

Must I be a full-time active employee to have my contribution matched?

Not necessarily. Most organizations match part-time employees and retirees. Many also match spouses, annuitants, and directors. Some companies even give matching dollars for volunteer hours their employees provide to qualified organizations. 

Are there any restrictions on how much I contribute in order to be matched?

Most companies have a minimum and maximum contribution they will match. Please check with your Human Resources Officer for the specific policy.

Is there a time limit on eligibility?

Companies do require that we complete and return the form within a set time period, usually 90 days. We recommend that you submit the form at the same time you make your contribution, or as soon thereafter as possible. 

How long does it take for the gift to be matched?

The process varies from one company to another. Some companies issue their matching payments only once or twice a year, so it may take as much as a year for your gift to be matched. 

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