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NEWSCAST: Miami Herald Building Not 'Historic'



The Miami Herald Building will not be designated historic, paving the way for demolition by casino giant Genting.

Absentee Ballot Tally For South Florida

Now that the November election has come and gone, we know a little bit more about the success of voting absentee.
Thousands of absentee ballots were rejected in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.
Palm Beach County rejected about 1,400 ballots. Broward rejected nearly 2,100 and Miami-Dade almost 2,500. 
Some voters forgot to sign their ballots. Others were rejected because the signature on file did not match the signature on the ballot. Elections supervisors say voters who plan to cast absentee ballots should update their signatures because signatures change over time. 
However, the majority of absentee ballots were thrown out because they arrived at the elections office long past election day.
Almost 2.4 million people in Florida voted absentee this year, more than in past years.
Miami-Dade county voters cast the second highest number of ballots in the state -- right after Pinellas County.
Broward had the third highest number and Palm Beach came in fifth. 
Overall statewide figures will change as more absentee ballots arrive.

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