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'I Have All My Fingernails Intact'


From being detained by Cuban authorities, to experiencing the horror of dead bodies in post-earthquake Haiti, to reporting on a Honduran leader who was ousted in his pajamas, Frances Robles has been all over the hemisphere in her 19 years with the Miami Herald.

Robles, who is leaving the Herald for a job with the New York Times, has also covered higher education and crime, while also serving as a member of the paper's editorial board. Most recently she gained national notoriety for her spot-on coverage of the shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, and the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law that may have led to his death.

Frenchy--as she is known by friends and colleagues--recently reflected on her nearly two decades at the Herald--and as you'll hear, she's one of the media's best story tellers, both in print and on the radio.  

She talks about her time in a Cuban prison and she was thankful to come back in one piece-- her "fingernails intact."

She also spoke about what it was like to report under difficult circumstances.  It's journalism at its finest.

Robles begins her job at the Times in January. You can follow her reporting adventures on Twitter @FrancesRobles.

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