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After The Earthquake: A Haitian Dancer's Highs And Lows As She Recovers From An Amputation

Nick Kozak

Yesterday we began the story of Fabienne Jean, a dancer who lost her leg in the earthquake that devastated Haiti three years ago this month. A prosthetic technician from Boston promised to help Fabienne dance again. But he didn't stop there. He wanted to help her put the rest of her life back together too. 

In the second part of our week-long series, Jacob Kushner tells us how difficult their task would become. 

The YouTube video Kushner mentions in the story, the one of Fabienne dancing in New York, can be watched below.


The New York Times article that detailed the tug-of-war over Fabienne's care summed it up this way:

...Ms. Jean’s situation also highlights the way in which many Haitians, like their country, are now dependent on international charity. As Ms. Jean sees it, this is largely a blessing — “Thank God for the foreigners,” she said — but it can also be complicated and uncomfortable. 

Check back tomorrow for an intimate photo slideshow of Fabienne Jean, photographed by Nick Kozak.

In the final installment of our series, Jacob Kushner tells us where she is now. 

Below, you can see Fabienne rehearsing with other dancers at Haiti's National Theatre in December.


You can listen to the whole series below:

Part II: The people who rushed to Fabienne's aid wanted to help her rebuild her life. It wasn't simple.
Part III: Recovery doesn't come easy to a woman who is discouraged, and living in such a difficult place.
Part IV: Where Fabienne is now.
A conversation with Jacob Kushner about this series.

Have you been to Haiti since the earthquake?  Tell us what you've seen.  We'll be discussing Haiti's recovery this Friday on The Florida Roundup.