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New Year's Resolutions We've Already Broken

Wilson Sayre

It's early January, and even a week in, reality has set in.

Those New Year's resolutions we made? Yup, already broken. Don't pretend yours aren't broken, now. Unless they really are not -- in which case, kudos to you.

Reporter Wilson Sayre says her resolution didn't make it past Jan. 1:

"Despite many attempts to employ fail safes, I broke resolution No. 9 on the first go of 2014: 'Get up the first time alarm goes off.'

I snoozed my alarm for two hours before I finally doffed my blankets and assumed vertical status. I bought one of those cheap, plastic alarm clocks that sounds like an air-raid siren and put it on the other side of my room. Trial one was a success. Let's see how quickly I learn how to snooze that sucker."

Our digital editor Maria Murriel wanted to keep the manicure she got on New Year's Eve until Jan. 2. It was already ruined on New Year's Day.

Editorial director Alicia Zuckerman planned to clear some clutter through eBay auctions on New Year's Day. Status update? At least she's caught up on Law and Order and The Newsroom.

Even though some of us have broken our resolutions already, some staff members are confident they will keep the promises they made. Education and health reporter Sammy Mack is still sure she will visit the Keys more often in 2014.  

Whether you kept your resolutions or not, you have plenty of time to come up with new ones for 2015. Let's hope those last a little longer.