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Devilish Commute: How South Florida Lives With I-95

Gregory Castillo
Miami Herald

The U.S. Census 2006-2010 American Communities Survey says the most popular commute is, by far, from Broward to Miami-Dade County. It estimates 125,000 make that drive to work every day.

For nearly an hour and a half, Broward-to-Dade commuters sit on Interstate 95's crowded lanes, some investing in express-lane tolls while others face the red-eyed inertia of cars ahead.

One commuter says of her peers' brake lights: “Look at them. Red little demon eyes stopping you in your tracks. Interfering with your making a living."

She's one of many in a group of people WLRN will be learning about during its year-long project called The End of the Road. A study of I-95 in its simplest form, the End of the Road will look at the history, implications and culture of I-95 in South Florida -- all the final 87 miles of it that run from Palm Beach County to the off ramp in Coconut Grove.

Here's the first batch of coverage from this project. In that link, you'll find a commuter diary from a recent Broward-Dade trip, photos of the interstate and stats about its drivers. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

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