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South Florida The Warmest In The State, Even In The 40s

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

This weekend will be the coldest of the 2013-2014 so far, and South Florida can expect frost, according to the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.

Here's a message from WLRN's meteorologist Jeff Huffman:

The coldest temperatures of the winter season so far are expected for Central and South Florida tonight, where most inland and rural areas as far south as Lake Okeechobee could see frost or subfreezing temperatures. Conditions are ideal for a widespread frost and inland freeze north of I­-4 as well. Residents and farmers there should take action now to prevent damage to tender vegetation and pets sensitive to the cold.

In the wake of Wednesday’s cold front, ideal conditions exist tonight for maximum radiational cooling. Winds are expected to diminish, skies will be clear, and the air pressure will be high. These conditions allow warmth to radiate back into the atmosphere very quickly and temperatures will cool to near or below freezing before sunrise where there is not the warming influence of a city or the ocean. The duration of Thursday’s freeze will range from about six hours in North Florida to around two hours in Central and South Florida.

The aforementioned conditions, combined with just enough moisture near the ground, will also lead to a widespread frost for any location where the thermometer dips below 35 degrees. 

The air mass is forecast to warm quickly Friday, ahead of another cold front that will reinforce the cold air again Friday night and Saturday.

At this time, forecast data suggests subfreezing temperatures are again possible for Central and North Florida (mainly north of I­-4) both Saturday and Sunday morning.  A more significant warming trend will commence on Sunday, and temperatures will likely return to normal values for this time of year by early next week.

Credit Florida Public Radio Emergency Network
Florida Public Radio Emergency Network