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Wynwood Now Banking -- In Style

Tom Hudson

 A bank probably is not among the places you'd think of to see contemporary art. The traditional brick-and-mortar corner bank is more of a generic space with the usual teller windows, cubicles and offices. But St. Petersburg-based C1 Bank has turned the established bank space inside out for its first branch in South Florida.

It's the first financial institution to open the Wynwood Arts District of Miami -- the neighborhood better known for its street art than safety-deposit boxes.

CEO Trevor Burgess is one of the owners of C1 and is credited with its aesthetic and operating strategies. Design sensibilities led to lasers and originals by Andy Warhol and Keith Haring at C1's Wynwood branch. Business strategy led to C1 originating about 25 percent of its new business loans last year in Miami-Dade County even without a physical branch in the region.

Below, Burgess gives us a tour of the branch's artwork, which is on loan from Gallery Art in Aventura. Oh yeah -- be prepared to get the feeling of being watched if you visit the restroom, thanks to the wallpaper.

Tom Hudson is WLRN's Senior Economics Editor and Special Correspondent.
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