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WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 10-14

Christine DiMattei

The death -- or not -- of Wynwood is our most popular story this week, topping out with more than double the views of the other stories in this list. Perhaps the loss of Wynwood's "authenticity" resonates with more South Floridians than opening relations with Cuba, a move that according to recent surveys most Floridians would back. Read on to find out what else made our list this week. 

Wynwood Is Dead. Long Live Wynwood: Trendsetters beware: Wynwood is no longer trendy. Growing capital ventures, fewer and lower quality art pieces and a club-like atmosphere during Art Walk are all commonly pointed to as the source of the demise of the bohemian enclave.

America, Florida Want Cuba Policy Change Because They Want Policy Change In Cuba: After 52 years of the U.S embargo on Cuba, most Americans and Floridians support changing the status quo and would like to see loosened relations between Havana and Washington.

Chocolate and Chavez: Valentine's Day Confronts Venezuela's Strife: Criollo, a rare cacao bean, is sought by chocolate lovers throughout the world.  Knowing this, the Venezuelan government aims to nationalize cacao production, but it's putting a strain on Venezuelan criollo producers. Click below to hear the audio version of this story.

From South Beach To Sochi, Curling Is The New Golf: Lunging a 42-pound granite weight over a sheet of ice may not seen like a typical South Florida sport, but curling has gained widespread national and local popularity.  Click to hear the sounds of South Florida's curlers.

Christine DiMattei's excursion into the quirky world of curling.

Muslim Undergarments, 'Slut Energy' At New Broward College Drama Series: Sexuality, abuse and the juxtaposition between independent thought and cultural standards. The struggles of two women will be presented to the public in a series of plays being put together at the Broward College Pembroke Pines Campus.