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Why Flooding Can't Be Prevented In South Florida

the Miami Herald

There's a reason flooding is always a possibility when it storms in South Florida.

"Our flood-control system was built over 60 years ago to handle two million people. We now have almost eight million people," says Gabe Margasak, a public information officer for the South Florida Water Management District.

Because of this, in the past six years the District spent about $270 million in upgrades. 

The department says in most cases the flood system operates as it’s designed, but there are storms with more rainfall than the system can handle. That’s when we’ll see flooding. They also attribute flooding to other factors.

"In South Florida, especially places that are built up with concrete; these are places that historically the water would trickle into the ground and now you have a parking lot or road so there’s nowhere for the water to go," says Margasak.

According to the district, water levels are currently where they’re supposed to be for this time of year. But just like Florida weather, things can change fast.