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No Report Card, No Apartment


Sonoma Bay and Marsh Harbour housing developments are facing a federal lawsuit.

Both of the housing complexes require parents to provide their children’s school records, specifically their report cards.

A fair housing group in Palm Beach County was alerted to this fact after the developments placed an ad on Craigslist.

Vince Larkins, the president and CEO of the Fair Housing Center of the Greater Palm Beaches says it violates the Fair Housing Act.

“This case in particular is one of the most appalling cases that we’ve ever had at the Fair Housing Center,” says Larkins. “The fact that your children’s report cards are the business of anybody is pretty bad.”

According to documents filed in the lawsuit, both housing developments also have a curfew requiring children under 18 to be indoors at sunset. And there is a dress code.

Larkins says since the lawsuit was filed, people have been coming forward with their own complaints.

“Children are not allowed to play outside, [they are] being harassed—families being harassed is something that the fair housing center will stand for,” says Larkins.

Representatives from both developments did not respond to multiple requests for comment.