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Robin Williams Remembered At The South Beach Hotel From "The Birdcage"

Julia Duba

Credit Julia Duba
"The Birdcage" was filmed at The Carlyle hotel on Ocean Drive.

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died this week.

Williams had many iconic roles, and he filmed one of his great performances right here in South Florida.

"The Birdcage" is set in The Carlyle hotel on South Beach. 

Williams plays a gay man who owns a drag nightclub and is trying to disguise his much more feminine partner (Nathan Lane) as a tough straight guy. And it's all to fool his very conservative soon-to-be in-laws at dinner one night.

"It'll be a memorable experience to eat lunch here today of all days and remember Robin Williams," said Karen Bartsch, who's visiting from Seattle. "He's definitely going to missed."

Robin Williams was vocal about his struggle with depression and addiction. He took his own life in his California apartment. He was 63.

Listen to Marc Maron's April 2010 interview with Williams, where he discusses his struggle with mental illness and drug addiction.

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