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Wooden Ark Tours Florida To Promote Threat Of Climate Change

NextGen Climate

Scientists say much of Florida will be underwater within a century if nothing is done about climate change. Now, a wooden ark is taking that message on a tour around the state.

The ark is 22 feet long and 8.5 feet tall. It belongs to NextGen Climate, a political action committee taking aim at Gov. Rick Scott for not taking action against climate change. 

The group released a video to kick off the tour. It begins with dramatic music and sound effects of a storm, followed by an ominous sounding announcer.

“In a world where the sea is rising, one state finds itself in great peril,” the announcer says. 


The ark was unveiled the same day that 43 Florida scientists wrote an open letterto state leaders.  They’re calling on lawmakers to recognize the threat climate change poses to Florida.

The letter follows a meeting that a smaller group of scientists had with Gov. Scott last month, explaining the science behind climate change.

They say immediate action is needed to limit carbon pollution and promote alternative energy sources like solar. They’re proposing a summit this fall where scientists and policymakers could work together on solutions.

The ark was unveiled in Tallahassee. It’s scheduled to visit Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami before the November election.

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