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Florida Couple To Attend SCOTUS Gay Marriage Hearing

Walter Michot
Miami Herald

Jeff and Todd Delmay, a South Florida couple from Hollywood,  were among the first gay couples married in Florida.

The two men were also plaintiffs in the case that overturned Florida's ban on same sex marriage.

The Delmays are now  in Washington for Tuesday’s highly anticipated U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on gay marriage. The court’s decision will ultimately determine  if same-sex marriage will be recognized nationwide

Two questions are before the court: 

Does the Constitution guarantee same-sex couples the right to marry? If it does not, are states that ban same-sex marriages required to recognize unions performed in other states?

Todd Delmay says he’s optimistic.

"I’m expecting this court will affirm that marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution and that soon as of June we will have full marriage equality in all the 50 states," he said.

The court’s ruling is due in June.

Rad more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/gay-south-florida/article7701287.html#storylink=cpy