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Feedback: Cubans Do Listen To Radio Martí

Pedro Portal
El Nuevo Herald

  This is a reader-submitted response to our May 20 story titled "Radio Martí Turns 30 -- But Is Anyone In Cuba Listening?"

I strongly disagree with the characterization in Wilson Sayre's May 20 radio report that "only sketchy data exists" on Radio Martí's audience. Independent research confirms that 20 percent of Cubans report listening to Radio Martí in the last seven days. Further, we have numerous testimonials from Cubans on the island about our programs.

One, named Tania Quintero, wrote: "I do not forget that thanks to Radio Martí I could talk to my countrymen, despite the technical attempts of the [Cuban] regime to stop it... [It] has been the platform [that] opponents and independent Cuban journalists have been able to count on."

Radio and TV Martí also have an impact through our work with a network of Cuban independent journalists on the island. In 2014 we launched Reporta Cuba, a social platform that collects and amplifies content and information from Cuba and about Cuba through dozens of citizen reporters located in various provinces. Reporta Cuba disseminates information and reports their experiences without censorship, thematic restrictions or ideological constraints.

Thank you,

Carlos Garcia-Perez
Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting
Miami, Fla.

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