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More Than 60 Kids Adopted At Miami Children's Museum

Sammy Mack
Eve and her brother Jack wait to be called into a makeshift courtroom at Miami Children's Museum. Eve was legally adopted Friday.

Exhibits throughout the Miami Children’s Museum turned into makeshift courtrooms Friday as part of a National Adoption Day event.

More than 60 children had their adoptions finalized at the museum.

“It means we are complete, our little puzzle pieces are all there,” said Alexis Capin, who legally adopted her daughter, Eve, at the event. “Nothing’s missing—we have our little boy, our little girl—and we’re the perfect little family.”

The judge who finalized her adoption, Judge Alan Fine of the 11th Judicial Circuit, held court in front of a puppet theater. He pointed out that for each of the children adopted at the event someone had stepped up when a biological parent couldn’t.

“Today is a lot of fun and in some ways compensates for the pain of a regular day,” said Fine.

Immanuel Crump met Schwanda Crump six years ago. As of Friday, she is legally his mother.

“It’s my first time ever being adopted; it’s kind of fun,” said 16-year-old Immanuel Crump.

Immanuel was 10 years old and had been in and out of foster care when he met Schwanda Crump at a basketball court. She took him in. Two years ago, Schwanda asked Immanuel if he would like to be adopted—and if he’d like her to be the one to adopt him.

“And I said yes,” Immanuel recalled with a big smile.

According to event organizers, about 800 children are available for adoption in Florida at any given time.