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Florida Lawmakers Leave Film Incentives On The Cutting Room Floor

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

For the fourth year in a row, the Florida Legislature has adjourned and left the state without a tax incentive plan for the film and television industry.

During Session 2016, there was more urgency from film industry advocates than in previous years -- because the state's incentive program sunsets on July 1. Incentive funds that were supposed to have lasted until this year were drained quickly by many high-budget film and TV projects. 

Michele Hillery, president of nonprofit entertainment association Film Florida, says she's disappointed in the Legislature's inaction.

"I think that it may be time, as an industry, for us all to come together and reevaluate the business practices of relying on the state Legislature to financially support this industry," says Hillery.

Among the productions that rely on tax incentives is "Bloodline," a Netflix series based in (and filmed in) the Florida Keys. The series unveils its second season on May 27. Film Florida says that in the last three years, Florida has lost out on more than $650 million worth of film projects.


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