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Everything you need to know about the zika virus in South Florida.

Mosquito Trap Could Help Prevent Zika If Professors Can Get It To Market

A mosquito trap developed by University of Florida scientists could help prevent the spread of Zika, if they can get it to the marketplace.

Professors from the University of Florida have developed a mosquito trap that they say could help prevent the spread of Zika virus.  

Professor Phil Koehler says the trap is proven to catch and kill mosquitos but the public might not be able use it this summer because it’s awaiting federal approval.

The professors have applied for emergency registration from the Environmental Protection Agency, which could bring it to the public in a matter of weeks instead of almost a year. Koehler said he’s hoping to have it approved for this mosquito season.   

"Is it responsible as scientists to sit back and wait for the system to put this through next year and watch the situation with Zika perhaps grow, and then we end up with perhaps even deformed children in the state of Florida as a result of our inaction?" Koehler said. "We just couldn’t sit back and do nothing.”   

The professors started developing the trap six years ago for the military. A company has purchased the patent and is ready to produce it for the marketplace. 

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