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Florida Governor Scott: 'Take this storm seriously'

Florida Governer Rick Scott says all Floridians must take this storm seriously.

Florida Governor Rick Scott issued a state of emergency Monday for the entire state of Florida in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.  

He says his biggest concern is that the Category 4 storm could veer west and pummel the east coast of Florida. 

“If it makes a dramatic turn to the west, we’re not going to have a lot of time to get prepared,” Scott said. “So you need to get prepared today. Get your water, get your shelter.”

Governor Scott encouraged all residents to have an emergency plan in place including three days of water, three days of food, a portable radio, a fully charged cell phone and medications. 

The slow moving storm is likely to bring heavy rains. Officials say widespread flooding is possible.

Governor Scott said his office is coordinating a response plan with state and local agencies. ​