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Racial Split On Key Issues Remains In Miami-Dade County, According To Poll

The economy and youth gun violence remain the top local issues according to a poll of Miami-Dade County voters.

This year, a Sweet 16 birthday party came under fire leaving six teens injured. The youngest was 13.


A 15-year old boy was killed at a  wake in North Miami-Dade.  

Six-year-old King Carter was gunned down as he was walking to go buy candy.


In this new poll, black voters said youth gun violence was the most important local issue -- 35 percent said so. For white and Hispanic voters, the top issue was the economy. Traffic congestion was ranked among the top issues for white voters while it ranked as one of the lowest among blacks.


This sharp split on racial grounds over the most important issue in Miami-Dade County mirrors what was found in a similar poll in May.  By more than a 2-1 margin, black voters identified youth gun violence as the top worry.

Lori Hadley Davis’ 8-year old grandniece Jada Page was shot in the head in August. She died from her injuries in the hospital.


"The gun violence it’s like an everyday thing. Like if it isn't’ hitting your home, it’s hitting somebody you know. Children can’t play outside anymore. You can’t go to the park," she said.

Davis is a funeral director and owner of Hadley Davis Funeral Homes.

Women also mentioned youth gun violence more often than any other local issue. Men ranked the economy and government corruption as the most pressing issues.

A group of government agencies and non-profits launched an anti-gun violence initiative called Together for Children in September. The effort uses six measurements to identify children it determines  are most at risk. Those factors include school attendance and low math and reading test scores.

When the initiative was announced, officials said they had identified 2,000 students as running the highest risk of being involved in gun violence. The group, which includes Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the Office of the State Attorney and the Florida Department of Children and Families, has not announced specific plans.

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