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Heavy Rains Continue To Batter Haiti, At Least 10 Dead

Courtesy of Wilgens Moise
Heavy rains cause flooding in the Band du Nord area of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

Heavy rains continue to ravage areas hard-hit by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Haiti's Civil Protection Agency has confirmed at least 10 dead, including three children, after torrential downpours earlier in the week. November is rainy season on the island-nation; with more rain forecasted, some fear additional deaths and damage to existing homes and businesses that were not obliterated by Hurricane Matthew. 

Health officials are also concerned about the spread of an already deadly cholera epidemic. 

The civil protection agency  took to Twitter to let people know that they were still offering emergency shelter for those who needed it. The agency also asked Haitians to be vigilant as they keep an eye on the weather. 

Credit Twitter
Wilgens Moise lives in the Band du Nord area in Cap-Haitien. Below is an edited first hand account he provided to WLRN and pictures of what he's seeing:

"It's getting worse. People are dying, rocks are falling on people's houses and motorcycles are being washed up when they try to drive through the neighborhood. 

One guy —they're actually preparing his funeral right now— a flood came through and took him and his motorcycle and he died. The way it looks, the month of November is going to be really hard on Cap-Haitien, Okap.

We're hitting the rainy season. The rain starts in the  afternoon and ends in the morning and it picks right back up in the afternoon.

Credit Courtesy of Wilgens Moise
Courtesy of Wilgens Moise
Flooding the Band du Nord area of Cap-Haitien.
Credit Courtesy of Wilgens Moise
Courtesy of Wilgens Moise
A pastor's truck in Ban du Nord was overtaken by rushing waters. The pastor survived the crash.

A pastor was on his way home in the white truck you see in the picture. He got caught up in the rain and the rushing water coming down from the mountains overpowered his car. He crashed, but he saved himself. He's alive. 

We don't have any power, no electricity now for days. I'm afraid it's just going to get worse."

--Wilgens Moise lives in the Band du Nord area of Cap-Haitien