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Gun Reform Advocates Call on Fedex To End Discounts to NRA Members

Gun reform advocates in Orlando say FedEx is helping the National Rifle Association grow its membership.

Gun violence prevention advocates, victims of gun violence, and their relatives in Orlando and other cities say FedEx is helping the National Rifle Association grow its membership. A handful of organizers protested Wednesday afternoon outside a FedEx downtown.

The protest was one of several taking place nationwide at the height of the holiday season when millions of customers are using the global shipping company to send gifts to loved ones.

Gun reform advocates are calling on FedEx to leave the National Rifle Association’s Business Alliance. Through the program, NRA members receive discounts from businesses such as FedEx.

At a press conference, newly-elected member of the Florida House of Representatives Carlos Guillermo Smith called FedEx a “corporate enabler,” adding that its discounts allow the NRA to attract more members and strengthen its lobby for the rights of gun owners.

He is urging customers to boycott the company.

In a written statement, FedEx declined to comment on the protests and its relationship with the National Rifle Association. An email to 90.7 News from a spokeswoman read, “As a matter of policy, we do not comment on specific customer agreements.”

In Florida more than 270 businesses are part of the NRA Business Alliance.

Statewide, gun lobbyists and gun reform advocates are gearing up for a marathon legislative fight over who should own a gun, what kind of gun, and where they can carry it.