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Palm Beach County Hosts 'Affordable Housing Crisis' Summit

Wikimedia Commons
Homes in Jupiter

Palm Beach County is taking steps to combat South Florida's affordable housing problem. 


On Wednesday, county officials will host a six-hour summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center to address what some are calling "a crisis," as low- and mid-range wage workers struggle to find an affordable place to live, according to the Palm Beach Post

Even though the county's annual household income increased to an average of about $67,900, the cost of places to live  is increasing at faster rates, according to Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches.
Data shows the median price  of single-family homes had increased by 9 percent to about $325,000 while the median price of  condos and townhouses had increased 4.5 percent to about $162,000 since March 2016. 
Some commissioners say its time for a change in an 11-year "workforce housing" program that allows developers to skip building a certain amount of affordable homes in new developments for an opt-out fee of $80,000.

Some cities charge far more, like Delray Beach, which charges $160,000 and Jupiter, which charges $200,000. Throughout the program's existence, only 754 multi-family units were built, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Attendees planning to go the summit must pay $25 to participate. Henry Cisneros, who was secretary of housing and urban development in the Clinton administration, will be the keynote speaker.

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