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North Miami Police Commander To Be Fired Following Report On Charles Kinsey Shooting

Charles Kinsey is shown lying in the street with his patient Arnaldo Rios before being hit by a bullet from an assault rifle fired by North Miami Ofc. Jonathan Aledda.

The commander in charge of the scene when police shot behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey was notified Wednesday he was being fired after an internal affairs investigation by North Miami police concluded that he hindered an investigation into the shooting and misled the police chief.

North Miami Police Cmdr. Emile Hollant was in charge last year when Jonathan Aledda, a North Miami SWAT member, fired his rifle and struck Kinsey in the leg. The mental healthcare worker was obeying police commands, lying on his back with his arms in the air and begging officers not to fire when he was shot.

Kinsey was lying next to Arnaldo Rios, a severely autistic 27-year-old man who Kinsey cared for and who was sitting in the middle of the road playing with a shiny toy truck. Aledda, who said he mistook the toy for a weapon, said he was aiming at Rios when he fired, but missed and struck Kinsey. Kinsey survived.

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