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Some Broward Residents Leaving Shelters To Ride Out Irma At Home

Wilson Sayre
John Mejía is leaving the shelter with his family. Says with #irma moving west he thinks they can ride it out at home."

As projections place the eye of Hurricane Irma farther west, some people have decided to leave the shelter at Falcon Cove Middle School, located in Weston and ride out the storm in their homes.

They’ve been walking out with their water and mattresses on their back.

John Mejia arrived at the shelter Friday night with his family. On Saturday morning, he rolled his blue cooler out of the shelter and packed it into the family van to drive back to their Weston home, built after Hurricane Andrew.

“It appears that the worst of the storm has passed us,” Mejia said. “The catastrophic winds that were scheduled to hit, doesn't look like they’re going to hit us as a result 70, 80 mile per hour winds, we’ve been through those before”

He says they have shutters and are not worried.

“We don’t anticipate a lot of disastrous results,” Mejia said. “It should be fine.”

Meanwhile, a Sheriff’s deputy walks by trying to reason with someone else that just because the eye of the storm may not barrel through Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Irma is wider than the entire state.

A storm surge warning is in effect for parts of the south and central Florida and the Florida Keys. The National Hurricane Center says there is "life threatening storm surge" expected in the next 36 hours.