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Conditions At One Miami Shelter Lead To People Leaving Early

"Where are the cots? Where are the blankets? Where's the back-up?" These were some of the questions evacuees at the Miami Edison Senior High School shelter were asking after waiting more than 36 hours for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Food was running out. One person attempted suicide. And quite a few people left before the storm was over.

WLRN reporter Kate Stein lived in an evacuation zone and found herself at the shelter doing more than just waiting out the storm. She recounts her experience staying at the hurricane shelter before, during and after Hurricane Irma. "The overall lack of supplies and preparedness was one problem," she said. 

These are some of the tweets that Stein posted during her experience. You can see all of them here. You can also read more about life in Miami-Dade and Broward shelters here

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