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Miami Residents Carol In Protest Outside of Sen. Marco Rubio's Office

Miami residents rallied outside Sen. Marco Rubio’s office in Doral Wednesday to oppose the GOP tax bill. In the spirit of the season, they were decked out in Santa hats, carrying a cardboard Grinch version of Sen. Rubio and singing their own versions of Christmas carols--from "We Wish For A Better Tax Bill" to "You're A Mean One, Rubio."

“Right now is a real important touch point with the tax bill being rammed through the Senate, and I think it's important to come out and protest and to let our senator and the community know about the negative impacts that the tax bill will have to the citizens of the United States,” said Maggie Fernandez, who owns a small consulting firm called Sustainable Miami.

Included under the deductions eliminated in the tax plan are medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of an individual’s income. If  this deduction is eliminated,  families could see higher tax and medical bills.

For 24-year old labor organizer Kendra Cornejo, this is something that really moved her to come out and protest.

“The children here in Florida are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. They can't vote. Why do they get denied health care coverage? Why do their parents have to pay more for their health care coverage when they make less?,” she said.

The bill could also eliminate the Affordable Care Act individual mandate, which requires everyone to be insured. This change could lead fewer people buying health insurance, meaning that the ACA could take a huge hit.

In light of this, Fernandez is worried about the repercussions of the tax bill on her health coverage. “As a business owner, I need to continue to have access to affordable health care through the marketplace.”

Some were also frustrated that the bill will benefit the top 1 percent more than anyone else. “The only people that it actually helps are huge international corporations and millionaires and billionaires who will continue to see their taxes decrease while the rest of us pay for the running of this country,” said Judith Casale, a customs broker and freight forwarder.

Sen. Rubio hasn’t given his full approval to the bill because he is concerned that the Child Tax Credit on the plan isn’t enough for families. He’s hoping, along with Utah Sen. Mike Lee, to add an amendment that will raise the credit to $2,000.

When the group began the march from the sidewalk to the front of the building, police officers stopped them saying they couldn't trespass onto public property. 

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