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Wynwood's The Salty Donut Looking Forward To Expand Nationally After Accolades From Forbes Magazine

The Salty Donut's variety tray of their different kinds of donuts available

Croquetas, churrasco, Cuban-sandwiches, café con leche and tostada— these are very recognizable parts of Miami’s gastronomy. Locals and tourists alike revel at the sight, smell and taste of such cuisine. Now, you can add donuts to that coveted list and they look like something out of Homer Simpson's wildest donut-dreams. 

Located in Wynwood, The Salty Donut is Miami’s destination to satisfy people’s mouthwatering donut cravings. This successful enterprise is the brainchild of Miamians Andy Rodriguez and Amanda Pizarro, a husband and wife team.

Pizarro, 25, was named Forbes 30 under 30 for the food/restaurant category. The prestigious recognition from the famed magazine legitimizes the meteoric success of the Salty Donut, while elevating it to the national spotlight. “I’m really excited about,” Pizarro said. “I think this is step two for the Salty Donuts. I think the country is wanting our donuts.”

“It originated with our love of food,” Pizarro said. “We pride ourselves on being big foodies. It was kind of sad to see your city not have these cool concepts that other cities have.”

Rodriguez and Pizarro noticed that Miami lacked a place that served artisan-made donuts like they saw in cities like Portland and Austin. From there, they decided to focus on servicing the donut niche of the restaurant business in Miami.   

Long lines are a staple of the Salty Donut, much like their maple-covered-with-bacon donut, and people wait patiently to get their hands on them. They serve donuts made with tres-leche, sticky buns, Nutella, cookies and everything in between. As well as coffee and vegan options.

The Salty Donut is open six days a week from 7:30am until 6:pm, or until they sell out. 

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