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It's Back: Deerfield's Beloved Underwater Webcam Is Online Again

fish swimming
Caitie Switalski
A school of fish swim underneath the Deerfield Beach Pier in front of the webcam on Wednesday.

Underwater web camera lovers, rejoice.


Deerfield Beach has been playing four months of highlight reels on its underwater webcam. Hurricane Irma damaged the main cable. But now that cable is repaired, and the live webcam stream is back on.

Deerfield Beach’s director for public affairs and marketing, Rebecca Medina Stewart, said that since Hurricane Irma people have been calling to ask her about the popular webcam every single day.

“It has become sort-of a self-help tool for a lot of our folks out there who are in love with the camera,” she said. “You name it, we’ve heard it.”

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Parents with children who have autism have been some of the most avid callers, saying their children are easily soothed by the stream of fish swimming by. 

On clear days, viewers can actually see live fish swimming underneath the Deerfield Beach pier. 

And, occasionally if they are lucky, a sea turtle.