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Most Florida Voters Favor Assault-Weapons Ban, Oppose Guns In Classrooms, Polls Say

Sales clerk Tom Wallitner holds up a Mossberg 715T .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle during an auction at Johnny's Auction House in Rochester, Wash. Most Florida voters favor stricter gun laws and a ban on assault weapons, a new poll says.

A clear majority of Florida voters support a nationwide ban on assault weapons and oppose arming teachers or school officials, according to a poll released Wednesday.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found that 62 percent of voters favor a ban on assault weapons, and about two-thirds support “stricter gun laws,” like universal background checks or a ban on the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines, while 56 percent oppose arming faculty members.


The results closely mirror those from a separate poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economic Polling Initiative and also released Wednesday.


The results of the Quinnipiac poll, which queried 1,156 self-identified registered voters, are largely split among party lines, with less than half of Republicans approving of the assault weapons ban compared to 86 percent of Democrats, and 72 percent of Republicans in favor of allowing faculty members to carry firearms on school grounds compared to 11 percent of Democrats.

Read more with our news partner the Miami Herald.

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