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Here's How To Celebrate Haitian Heritage Month In South Florida

Miami Herald
Haitian Compas Festival attendee Kaysina Claudio dances with her Haitian flag at Mana Wynwood on May 19, 2018. The annual event is the premier showcase for Haitian music and culture in the United States.

South Florida celebrates Haitian Heritage month in May, spotlighting Haitian historical and cultural traditions. 

“A lot of people in South Florida, whether they are Haitian or not, it's an opportunity to learn more about the culture and to see the expressions of the culture," said Jacqueline Charles, the Caribbean reporter for the Miami Herald. "From artwork to music to dining.”

Florida has the most counties that celebrate Haitian Heritage month in the United States.

Among the main activities in South Florida is “PÒTOPRENS," an exhibition created by Haitian-born painter and sculptor Edouard Duval-Carries, British artist/curator Leah Gordon and others. The event will bring together the works of 20 Haitian artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. Their work includes sculptures, photographs and film. 

The artists featured in the exhibit come from a particular area in Port-au-Prince called grand Reve, a main thoroughfare in the capital.

"When you go there you basically see the creativity of Haitian artist," Charles said. "I mean they take junk and metal and turn in into sculptures and it's an expression of everyday life in Haiti.”

Click here to learn more and view a calendar of events.