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City Of Fort Lauderdale Will Vote On Proposal To Double Politicians’ Salaries

Brittany Wallman
Sun Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale commissioners and the mayor plan to more than double their salaries and add benefits like a retirement plan. The changes would take effect after the next election.

The city of Fort Lauderdale is preparing to raise the pay for its elected officials.

The Sun Sentinel reports that a proposal up for a vote tonight will more than double the salaries of political leaders if approved.

The current salary for the mayor is $35,000. Commissioners make $30,000.

The proposed new salary for the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale would start at $78,840 a year -- that's a 125 percent increase. The starting salary for a city commissioner would increase 119 percent to $65,700 a year.

The salaries would increase each year, automatically, and would go into effect after the next election.

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