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U.S. And Colombian Military Are Working On Plans To Aid Venezuela After Maduro

Martin Chahin
U.S. Navy Admiral Craig Faller, head of the U.S. Southern Command, is on a week long trip to Panama and Colombia to assess the regional impact of Venezuelan instability.

The U.S. is working with Colombia, Brazil and other regional partners on how to assist Venezuela if the embargo-like sanctions announced by the White House this week ultimately force President Nicolás Maduro to step down, the head of the U.S. Southern Command said.

Navy Adm. Craig Faller, the Miami-based head of U.S. forces in South America, said the nations are working on “planning and discussing what we could do, and will do for the ‘day after Maduro,’ when there’s a legitimate government, when we can go in and really assist the people of Venezuela.”

Faller said that, to him, the “ ‘day after Maduro’ meant a point in time where a legitimate government, not a Maduro government, has asked the United States and others to come in to Venezuela to help.”

Read more at our news partner the Miami Herald.

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