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Formula 1 Race At Hard Rock Stadium Crosses New Lap After Commissioners Sustain Mayor's Veto

Formula 1 races could be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens by 2021.

It’s going to take more time before Miami-Dade County starts to sound like Monaco.

County lawmakers will continue to debate the possibility of holding a Formula 1 race at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. At a packed meeting Tuesday, commissioners failed to override a veto by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez.


He issued one on Nov. 8 against a resolution passed on Oct. 29 that would’ve made it harder to hold the race at the proposed stadium site.

“We’re going to continue to negotiate and try to bring this race to Miami-Dade County,” Gimenez said.

District 1 Commissioner Barbara Jordan, who represents parts of Miami Gardens, proposed the resolution, which would’ve banned the road closures around the stadium needed for the race.

She has said she welcomes Formula 1 in the county – just not at Hard Rock Stadium.

“Well, Miami Gardens and District 1 is not for sale. There are some things that you just can’t buy regardless to whether you’re a billionaire, a trillionaire, or whatever,” she said at Tuesday’s commission meeting. “My community can be harmed by this.”

Jordan, city officials and some residents have been concerned about the potential noise and air pollution impacts of a Formula One race. She’s cited the findings of a commission auditor’s report that addressed some of those concerns.

Gimenez has been especially critical of the report, calling it “biased and not complete.” He told WLRN on Monday that there are plans to conduct more scientific studies and hire consultants to look into noise levels.

In regards to air pollution, he pointed out a study done in Austin, Texas, a current Formula One racing site in the U.S. It showed race car emissions weren’t significant, according to the Miami Herald.

In an interview with WLRN, Gimenez said that study was “omitted” from the commission auditor’s report.

The Homestead Speedway has come up as an alternative site. According to a Formula One spokesperson, that site “could not support a Formula 1 Grand Prix due to the material differences in our race cars and circuit requirements.”

Organizers added they’ll continue to work with the Miami Dolphins on pursuing the Hard Rock Stadium site. The Dolphins organization have a legal right to host events on the site under an agreement with the county, according to the Miami Herald.

Under Formula 1's plan, the first race would be held in 2021 and continue every year after that for 10 years.