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DeSantis Announces Buyouts For At-Risk Homes Damaged By Hurricane Irma


Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged $44 million to help 11 local governments buy out high-risk homes that were damaged by Hurricane Irma.

Palm Bay in Brevard County will get $684,000.

The money will help local governments buy out willing owners of homes that were damaged by Hurricane Irma and are situated in flood-prone locations.

Local governments also can put the money toward a Federal Emergency Management Agency program aimed at making infrastructure more resilient to future disasters.

Monroe County, which encompasses the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park, got the most money at $15 million.

Marathon, also in the Florida Keys, got $5 million. Jacksonville and the Clay County Department of Emergency Management got $5 million.

Irma in 2017 is estimated to have generated more than $11 billion in insurance claims statewide.