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In South Florida, where the Everglades meet the bays, environmental challenges abound. Sea level rise threatens homes and real estate. Invasive species imperil native plants and animals. Pesticides reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, but at what cost? WLRN's award-winning environment reporting strives to capture the color and complexity of human interaction with one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet.

South Florida Gathering Aims At Regional Approach To Coping With Climate Change

City of Key West
Many South Florida cities, including Key West, saw unusually high flooding this year.

Hurricanes and high water don't recognize the boundaries between counties.

That's why local governments from Palm Beach County to the Keys have formed a climate compact, through which they share information and form strategies to deal with the effects climate change is having on coastal South Florida. And plan for a wetter future.

Every year the group gets together for a three-day summit. This year's summit is in Key West.

New sea level rise projections for the region are expected to be released at the meeting. Julia Nesheiwatt, the state's new resilience officer, and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried are also scheduled to address the group.