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Are You A Regular At A Motel Here In South Florida? WLRN Wants To Hear From You

Popp's Motel
Popps Motel in the Florida Keys has been family-run since 1951.

For many people, South Florida is an escape.

Tourists and retirees come down to get away from the cold and soak up the sun. But before the skyscrapers and condos that now make up much of US 1, there was an array of small motels that lined that highway.  

After one stay, these colorful temporary homes charmed their visitors to come back for more the next year, and the year after that, and after that, and so on. Some tourists became regulars, others stayed forever.

Many of those lodgings now stand only in memory--but plenty South Florida motels are still checking in guests. Is there a specific motel from Palm Beach County to the Keys where you regularly stay - or stayed before you moved here? Do you have friends or family who are motel regulars? If so, please share this with them.  

WLRN wants to hear your story. You can submit your responses here: