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Miami-Dade School Board Looking To Develop Downtown HQ, And Add Housing

Daniel Bock
The Miami-Dade School Board building in downtown Miami.

The Miami-Dade County School Board wants to downsize from its 10 acres of prime, development-ready land in downtown Miami.

District officials are turning to a private developer and a community redevelopment agency to leverage its downtown headquarters for office space next door. It’s a move they say will finance the rebuild of two nearby schools, include affordable housing for teachers and the elderly, and eventually direct more dollars that could be used for teacher salaries and educational programs.

The conversation started in 2017, but on Wednesday, the School Board will hold a vote on whether to continue those negotiations and set into motion a “21-acre vision” that keeps the School Board in the arts and entertainment district. It would, however, use about $40 million in tax dollars diverted away from police, parks and transit.

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