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Spirit Airlines Is Done Dealing With Hurricanes, So Operations Are Moving Out

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Spirit Airlines has decided to move its Operations Control Center out of Florida.

South Florida residents have grown used to the looming threat of hurricanes crashing into the coast and disrupting their lives for days or weeks. But Spirit Airlines has had enough.

The airline, one of only a handful still operating out of South Florida, is relocating its operations department to somewhere much less likely to get leveled by a hurricane — Tennessee.

The Operations Control Center, a computer-packed hub at Spirit’s headquarters in Miramar responsible for coordinating more than 650 daily flights, will relocate to Williamson County, Tenn. come 2021. Twice previously, Spirit has been forced to move the center’s 240 employees out of state temporarily during hurricanes — once to Detroit during Hurricane Irma in 2017 and once to Atlanta during Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

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Editor's Note: While Spirit is moving its Operations Control Center, most of its staff will remain in South Florida, some of whom will work out of new headquarters being built in Dania Beach.