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WLRN-TV Wins Four Regional Emmys For Documentaries On Sea Turtles, Space Travel

a poster for troubled waters, a WLRN documentary
"Troubled Waters: A Turtle's Tale" won two Regional Suncoast EMMY awards.

WLRN-TV won four Regional Suncoast EMMY awards for documentaries it produced and presented, examining the plight of sea turtles and the history of space travel.

"We're extremely proud to have the producing teams that we have who help us fulfill our mission — tell stories that are pertinent and of interest to our South Florida community and beyond," said Adrienne Kennedy, executive producer for WLRN Public Media.

"Troubled Waters: A Turtle's Tale," received two EMMY awards, for directing and photography. The originally produced documentary explores the impacts of humans on the natural environment, specifically endangered sea turtles.

The film features actor and ocean activist Ted Danson and is narrated by Peter Coyote. The EMMY went to Rory Fielding for directing in a non-live (post-produced) film. Frazier Evans, Luis Marrou, Benjamin Hicks and Jim Abernathy won for photography in the non-news category.

The film has been in national distribution since April and has 60 percent national coverage so far on PBS member stations.

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing led to two EMMY-winning films at WLRN. "Hometown Hero," won in the interstitial category. The original short film is about astronaut — and Coconut Grove native — Winston Scott.

Producers James March, Mia Laurenzo and Michael Anderson were awarded the EMMY for the film, in which Scott gives a firsthand account of his 24 days logged in space during two space shuttle missions.

"When We Were Apollo" won in the historical documentary category. The film offers an intimate and personal look at the Apollo Space Program through the lives and experiences of the engineers, technicians, builders and contractors who made the moon landings possible.

WLRN presented the 80-minute film to PBS stations last year. So far is has been scheduled 1,072 times across 44 states. Producer Zachary Weil was awarded the EMMY.

"We thought his film was brilliant and wanted to present him both locally in South Florida and nationally," Kennedy said. The distribution was timed to the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

"Within weeks, that film went to 80-90 percent national coverage," Kennedy said.

The virtual ceremony naming the winners was held Saturday night.